Boss ATV/ UTV Plow

Maximize your productivity with a plow that thinks for itself. The SPEEDWING plow features intuitive mechanical wings that automatically adjust from scoop mode to window position as the plow is angled. By combining the ease of straight blade operation with the capacity of a winged plow, the SPEEDWING snowplow gets the job done in fewer passes.

Hinged Blade POWER PLOW

Change your plow arrangement on the fly to best fit specific job conditions with the adjustable wing POWER PLOW. This flexible deisign let you increase plow width by expanding the wings outward, or boost capacity by angling the wings forward, either independently or together. All adjustments are quick and simple, done with a touch of a button.

8100PP: 8’0″-10’0″ 8611PP: 8’6″-11’0″

Straight Blade HEAVY-DUTY

When outfitting a larger truck, only a heavy duty snow plow will do. The HEAVY-DUTY series powers ahead and rolls heavy snow farther with a 31″ tall steel blade. A formed based channel delivers extra stability, while vertical ribs, and angled power rib and quad design prevent the blade from twisting in punishing conditions.

7600HD: 7’6″, 8000HD: 8’0″, 8600HD 8’6″, 9000HD: 9’0″

Straight Blade LIGHT-DUTY

Get all features of a professional grade plow in a package designed specifically for Jeeps, SUVs, and compact pickups. SnowEX’s line of light duty plows meets vehicle weight requirements without sacrificing performance, so driveways and other tight areas can be cleared quickly.

6800LT: 6’8″ 7200LT 7’2″

8’6″, 9000HD: 9’0″

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