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Ross Houk

Ross started tinkering around with cars very young and by high school was convincing all of his buddies to own junker off-road vehicles. That combo made for some amazing stories to say the least. He had a successful landscape business in Littleton right out of high school, which he sold to head for the mountains. He spent the majority of his professional mechanic years building, tuning, maintaning and repairing snowmobiles and motorcycles at The Clinic in Minturn. From there, he worked in construction, served as the maintenance and facilities director of a large youth camp & managed a large transportation fleet. Throughout his working career, you could always find Ross in his garage re-building a 4×4 or out wheeling. He has gotten the chance to work with Baja Pits & drive a chase vehicle for the Baja 1000 dirtbike race. Ross truly is an off road enthusiast. His vehicle of choice is anything International Harvester. You might spot him cruising around town in his 1966 green c-1200 International Harvester Travelette crew cab long bed truck. Listen and you will hear his 8 track playing in it! He also has an 1971 International Harvester Scout 800B which is being equipped primarily as an offroad/rock crawler with a Hemi engine swap, Magnum – NP205 transfer case set up and someday some bigger tires. When Ross took over Fort Collins 4×4 and John’s 4×4 in Boulder in 2014 he thought his Scout would be fully finished within the year. Let’s just say it’s 2019 and business ownership has been a bit more sweat and tears than he anticipated. In February 2019, Ross was able to sell John’s 4×4 to a new owner and is now fully focused here in Fort Collins. Hopefully this means the Scout will be making it’s debut soon!


Vanessa Houk

Vanessa had absolutely no clue about cars or what 4 wheeling was until she met Ross.  On their first date, he picked her up in a rusty old Toyota 4 Runner (as seen below) and she thought he needed a new car!  Little did she know he had been working on it for quite some time.  Vanessa graduated from Texas A&M and moved to the mountains where she meet Ross.  Vanessa has a background in retail management, business administration & marketing.   She takes care of their three children and is a portrait photographer in Fort Collins.  Her dream vehicle is a restored Grand Wagoneer “Woody” like the one she had in the photo below.


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